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Chain Link Pros is a forward-thinking metal fence installation company that serves the east side of Ottawa, Prescott-Russell, Winchester, and surrounding areas. With our 10 years of experience in the fencing industry, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with a fence that will last a lifetime.  There is a lot to know about any given type of fencing, so fence contractors that offer "all types of fencing" may not necessarily be the best choice when it comes to chain link and iron specifically. There is a lot that goes into installing a fence correctly and we are the only high-end company in the area that focuses solely on metal fencing. We pride ourselves on knowing absolutely everything there is to know about these types of fences.



Our main method of post installation is driving posts. To drive our posts we use a commercial grade gasoline powered post-pounder. Driving posts instead of setting them in concrete takes your fence from a 10 or 15 year fence to a lifetime fence. With the frost line in Ottawa and surrounding areas typically deeper than 4 feet, posts set in concrete will always heave and move over time. After a certain point in the heaving process, these posts need to be removed and replaced and will cost you hundreds of dollars per post to have the concrete excavated properly.

Driving the posts allows for easy post adjustment for the entire life of the fence. If your chain link fence posts start moving slightly in 20 years from now, you can simply adjust or tap the posts down/straight again. With concrete footings that heave, the entire footing needs to be removed and the whole post replaced as well. A chain link or iron fence post is a smooth tube similar to a Sonotube/Builder's tube - this helps the driven post to avoid being gripped and heaved by the frost (unlike the jagged edge of a typical concrete footing).
A driven-post chain link fence can be removed and re-used many years from now - posts and all!
Driven posts


We have replaced many posts which were set in concrete footings by other companies. These posts' footings all range from 1' deep to 4' deep and cost the clients hundreds of dollars each to remove and replace. If these posts were driven in, it would have been a quick, cheap service call to adjust a post - no digging or footing removal involved! Our standard warranty is 3 years for posts driven 3'6" deep, 4 years for posts driven 5' deep, and 2 years for terminal posts set in concrete with lineposts driven 3'6" deep. Each fence installation comes with a signed warranty certificate. We strive to be Ottawa's best chain link and iron fence installation company. Chain Link Pros is a division of Boulet Fence. Visit us at
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