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Services - Chain Link Fencing In Ottawa East And Surrounding Areas

1. Posts driven 3'6" deep | 3 year warranty on workmanship

2. Posts driven to 5' deep | 4 year warranty on workmanship

3. Terminal posts set in concrete with line posts driven 3'6" deep | 2 year warranty on 

4. All post set in concrete
 | 2 year warranty on workmanship

We offer four types of post installation

Residential Chain Link

From large neighbour groups to single gates, we are able to do any size job. Chain link is a versatile type of fence that accommodates steep slopes and can even provide privacy with the addition of privacy slats. 

Commercial Chain Link

We have completed many commercial projects over our 10 years in the fencing industry, including high security government facilities, zoos, parking garages, solar farms, airports, small businesses, and more. 

Residential Iron

Our residential iron fences are manufactured in Canada with top quality galvanized and powder coated steel. Many often choose to have both iron and chain link fences on their property as a budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing option. Please contact us for available styles. 

Commercial Iron

Our commercial iron fences range from medium duty to extremely heavy duty for applications such as daycares, embassies, or industrial locations. 

Pool Enclosures

Different townships and cities have different bylaws for pool code fencing. Pool code fencing in the City of Ottawa is completely different from pool code fencing in Prescott-Russell (Rockland, Casselman, Embrun, or Russell). We have the knowledge to build your fence up to code!

Animal Enclosures

Animal enclosures are our number one seller. 5' or 6' high chain link fencing is a very common and affordable solution for keeping your pets in and predators out. We can install the mesh tight to the ground or even bury it to prevent digging. We also offer indoor cages and solutions.


We offer repairs on any type of fencing, including light residential, heavy commercial, electric gate operators, post replacements, gate adjustments, snow plow damage, height extensions, etc.  Our standard warranty is 3 years for posts driven 3'6" deep, 4 years for posts driven 5' deep, and 2 years for terminal posts set in concrete and lineposts driven 3'6" deep.

Wholesale Materials

We sell commercial and residential chain link materials to other companies. Since we buy our materials in bulk quantities, we can pass our savings on to our commercial clients - the larger the purchase, the bigger the discount.

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